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As the only media outlet that offers both local TV programming and digital media reaching the Latino community, we provide an exclusive opportunity to reach out to this growing segment and to deliver your message in an effective way.

If you’d like to speak with someone immediately regarding your advertising needs, please call us at 479-561-8559 or fill out the inquiry form below. We offer discounts for volume buys.

Ad Displays

We offer 3 industry-size ad spaces.

728 x 90 Leaderboard
336 x 280 Large Rectangle
700 x 300 Large Ad
125 x 125 Button
Full Layer Cover ads

These ads rotate to a maximum of 10 ads per space to guarantee maximum exposure.  We can design your ads, or you can send the ads that you already have. They can also be updated regularly to ensure messages are timely and relevant.

On-air commercials

We can do on-air commercial advertising and offer unique offerings for first time on-air advertisers.

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